The Low-Calorie Low Down

Okay, so I have been doing phenomenal with the whole calorie tracking in MyFitnessPal. If I’m not your friend on MFP then add me , but if I am, then you can view my diary to see how I stay within my calorie goal.

I give myself some lead way on the weekends because I do cardio at the gym in addition to Yoga X. Even on my rest day, I do about an hour on the elliptical machine, so I can afford to have a few more calories. There are three reasons people fail when it comes to calorie tracking:

The number one reason that people fail at tracking calories is that they do not plan their meals. I know what I am going to eat the day before, and I make adjustments to the portion sizes so that I can have just about whatever I want. You should plan your meals the day before. Sometimes I plan my meals for the week. It takes the thought process out of “What’s for dinner”, or lunch. I also take my lunch to work, and cook meals on Sunday for the week like I did with Jamie Eason Live Fit. Tracking calories can be time consuming without using a smart device that you carry with you all the time like a phone or tablet. You can download any calorie tracking app if you have a smart device and plan your meals there. Or you can keep a journal of it in a notebook.

The number two reason that people fail at sticking with a low-calorie diet is that they do not eat the right kinds of foods. The best foods to consume are high fiber, low-sugar foods. If you eat too many refined carbohydrates and sugars, you will only satisfy your cravings and taste buds, but not your hunger. Sugar causes cravings, so stay away from it if you can. You have to eat high fiber foods, and drink lots of water to get full.

The number three reason that people go over their calories is that they do not exercise. If you exercise, you get a bank of calories that you can eat in addition to your base calorie goal. For example: My goal is (1,200 calories), but if I workout and burn (600 calories) I will be able to have 1800 (1200 + 600) calories that day. One thing you can not do is overeat and not exercise. That was my pitfall from the beginning. I was either watching what I ate, and doing very little exercise, or exercising and not watching what I ate. I did well with the Jamie Eason Live Fit, but I was lost after that program.

So the best advice for sticking with a low-calorie lifestyle is (1) eat high fiber/ low-sugar foods, (2) plan your meals, and (3) exercise to accommodate those calories you go over. I hope this helps and inspires you to try it out. Next week I will post photo of low-calorie meal options. They are great tasting, and deprive you of none of your favorite foods.

See you next week!

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