Shocking Low-Calorie Meals

Let’s get straight to it.

This is a photo of 7 oz Baked BBQ Chicken, steamed mixed veggies, and baked red skin potatoes. This meal is on point, and all of 350 calories!


Olive Oil cooking spray is your best friend. So is coconut oil cooking spray for flavor without the calories. I used Kraft’s light BBQ sauce for only 20 calories per 2 Tbls

Ingredients: Olive oil cooking spray, Kraft light BBQ sauce Tyson boneless skinless chicken, bag of fresh mixed vegetables, and baby red potatoes. All of these ingredients were purchased at Wal-Mart.

I covered a baking sheet with foil, and sprayed it with olive oil cooking spray. I seasoned the thawed chicken with: sea salt, black pepper, and onion and garlic powder. I baked the chicken at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. While the chicken was baking; I steamed the veggies with sea salt and Cajun seasoning, and baked the baby red potatoes with the chicken in a separate pan. When the chicken had about 10 minutes left, I put 2 tablespoons of BBQ on each chicken breast. Yum! So good; no deprivation!

This is a photo of Caribbean Baked Tilapia topped with shrimp, sautéed kale greens, and mashed potatoes. This meal is so good, and the good news is, you can make the tilapia any way you want it. It can be lemon pepper, blackened or whatever and it won’t change the calories.

Tilapia & Shrimp, Kales, and mashed potatoes: 425 Calories for this meal

Tilapia & Shrimp, Kales, and mashed potatoes: 425 Calories for this meal

Ingredients: Olive oil cooking spray, frozen tilapia filets, kales greens, and a package of Idahoan mashed potatoes.  For the Caribbean flavor I use sea salt, lime, black pepper, garlic and onion powder, and Caribbean Tradition All Purpose Seasoning by Grace.

I covered a baking sheet with foil, and sprayed it with olive oil cooking spray. I seasoned the thawed tilapia with: sea salt, black pepper, onion and garlic powder, and the All Purpose seasoning by Grace. I squeeze and fresh lime over all of the fish and bake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. While the fish is baking, I some water for the mashed potatoes. When that was done, I sautéed the kales in a pan with non-stick olive oil cooking spray and about 2-3 tablespoons of water, sea salt, and rice wine vinegar.

If you don’t have time to cook, and you don’t think you can go out an pick up something, guess again! These are my favorite foods to have while out and about:

IHop (2x2x2 meal with fruit) = 540 calories

Taco Bell (Fresco Chicken Soft Taco and Nachos Supreme without the cheese) = 530 calories.

Wendy’s (Small chilli (no seasoning or cheese), and grilled chicken wrap (no sauce) with 2 packs of crackers and diet coke) = 450 calories

Subway (Turkey on wheat with cheese and spicy mustard) = 645 calories for a FOOTLONG! Divide that by two if that’s too much sandwich for you ( 322 calories!).

KFC (Grilled chicken breast and leg with green beans, and mashed potatoes without gravy) = 465 calories

(Do you want the biscuit? Ask for it with no butter and its an extra 180 calories (575 calories total). You may can spare it depending on what all you ate  and what exercises you did that day. Or you can have half of it for 90 calories instead of the 180 ( 485 calories total). Or if this meal is already pushing your calorie limitations, tell them not to even put it in your box… that’s what I do depending on how I feel.

If I really want the whole biscuit (no butter EVER!), and I only have 500 calories left I’ll get the biscuit, and not the chicken leg, only the breast. But if I have 500 calories left, and I want the leg, the biscuit, and the whole shaboing for 575 calories; I’ll get it, and do some cardio at the gym before they close. Or I’ll just chop it up as a slight overage for the day. I mean, I do P90X people! 1275 calories won’t kill me. But if I’m over by 500 calories, then I’ll have to put in some elliptical work to burn those additional calories off. And if I’m not in the mood to go to the gym, then I’ll have to skip the biscuit and plan for it another day.

See my post on how to order food while out on the town. That can really save you some calories as well as planning your meals in advance.

Drink some water before you eat, and after. Try to avoid drinking your calories. You will want to eat as many of your calories as possible, so stick with low-calorie and if possible zero calorie drinks. Adjust your portion sizes to accommodate your calorie allotment and watch the pounds drop off.

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