Jamie Eason Live Fit – Phase 1, Week 3

Week 3


Stick With It

               I woke up early today around 5:30am to go to my gym. The workouts in Week 3 increase from 4 days a week to 5 days a week and you are allowed to choose which body part you would like to work twice a week. I chose back and biceps. I consider my back to be the area that needs special attention.  As far as the diet part of it, the hardest part is eating so much. It’s hard for me to eat 1,700 calories a day. I’m eating more around 1400 – 1600 calories a day.

Ok…if I’m going to do this review then I have to be 100% honest. I was thinking about doing some cardio this weekend because I am so sick of looking at this fat on my body. BUT. I am going to stick with the program because if it doesn’t work then I want to be able to say it didn’t work for me AND I followed all the directions. So I’m going to stick it out, and wait another two weeks to incorporate cardio, and do a legit review on this program. I also gained about 2lbs. I was pissed.

 I haven’t cheated on my diet or missed any workouts; I just gained out of nowhere. I was happy to weigh in because I looked like I had loss weight, but I gained weight. Everyone keeps telling me it’s the muscle. I’ve prepared all my meals for the week so it’s a no brainer as far as what I am going to eat. Sunday I went to the mall, and I refused to buy any pants because I am more than certain I am going to be out of a size 16’s and into my size 8’s in no time. I also resisted Auntie Anne’s Pretzels while shopping at the mall! Talk about dedication.

                I’m going to stick with the Live Fit program, and not deviate from the plan because you are going to gain before you lose in Phase 1, and I am shrinking regardless of what the scale says. I was slightly depressed seeing I gained weight but I am not giving up. I was doing my hair today and I noticed my biceps in the mirror. They were jumping as I was brushing my hair back! I have refocused, and I’m ready to get these next two weeks over with so we can get to the good stuff…cardio and fat burning!


Epiphany Moment: Don’t expect to see results after only 2 weeks of following the program. True healthy weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. Although I gained 2lbs of the 4lbs back this week, I’ve still lost 2lbs during the program in two weeks!

Jamie Eason Live Fit – Phase 1 Week 2

Week 2


Make It Work – Stay Focused and Determined

                 I wasn’t going to write anything for Phase 1, Week 2 since the workouts and eating is the same as Week 1, however I am so happy.  Since June 2012 I’ve lost 16lbs total but in one week 4 of those pounds came off through clean eating, and not under eating, or beating myself up over cardio. I ate between 1,500 – 1,700 calories a day and lifted weights only. Jamie is strict about not doing any cardio during Phase 1.

I went to the Farmers Market Saturday and got so much great whole food items that now I’m even more excited to be eating clean.  I have a ton of options for whole food eating since going to the Farmers Market. I highly recommend checking out the closest one to you. I also find it difficult to eat every 3 hours now. Last week I was a little hungry, and was counting down to the nearest minute when it would be time to eat. This week I’m like, “Ugh…time to eat again! I’m so full.” I’ve been drinking 1 bottle of water in-between the 3 hours and 1 whole bottle before eating breakfast. I also tried Jamie Eason’s Cinnamon Swirl bread recipe this weekend and it was delicious and fulfilling.

Today is Monday, September 17, 2012, and I’m really excited to go to the gym. Friday I will order all the supplements recommended by Jamie.

To make the diet work, definitely print the recipes and try them. Drink plenty of water and make a homemade lemonade or sweet tea using stevia for sweetener. Try homemade Kale Chips and Zucchini Chips as an evening snack. Make the diet work! Its 80% of where your results will come from. So make it happen and visualize the results. Eat slower or as mom would say, “Chew your food”. Take self-control and accountability and seek what your heart desires.

 No matter your religion, pray and ask God to help you through this. Keep supportive friends around you, and avoid hanging out with people who will encourage you to abandon your diet or take a break from the workouts until you are mentally strong enough to handle that type of pressure. I noticed that my friends who would tell me, “Oh you look great, you’ve lost 16lbs, live a little” took me more seriously, and gave up trying to get me to live outside of my clean eating lifestyle the more I said “I’m good. I’ve got to stay focused.” Stay focused on the new you that you are creating and the people around you will respect you for it. The may even want to jump onboard with you. 

Epiphany Moment: A proper diet and exercise plan is only successful when paired with determination. People who are determined to accomplish a goal don’t make excuses that go against their goal. It’s mind over matter. Every day is a chance to reset your mind and start over. I am ready for Week 3.

Jamie Eason Fitness Model – Workout Programs

Fitness model and Official bodybuilding.com spokesmodel

You Have Options


When selecting a Fitness Plan on Bodybuilding.com you may come across fitness model Jamie Eason quite a bit. I was referred to follow Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program by my co-worker, since I have a goal to lose body fat and get lean. While researching the Live Fit program I noticed many of the reviews online complaining about the lack of cardio and abdominal workouts in the Live Fit program. Well come to find out, Jamie Eason actually has 3 Fitness Plans, each lasting 12 weeks that come with printable exercise logs and a nutrition guide. Here is a  brief breakdown of those programs:

LIVE FIT: This program is the one that I chose to do a review on. The program is broken down into 3 Phases and provides a daily breakdown of the exercises to perform while in the gym. She also recommends daily meal plans and provides awesome recipes. The reason I chose this program is because it was informative and motivational. She includes videos throughout the program, and you are able to read reviews from those who have tried the program online. Overall, the Live Fit program by Jamie Eason is the best in that it is made for anyone of any fitness level to try, is informative, and acts as both a fat loss and muscle-building program.

FAT LOSS: This program is the one that I would recommend for those people who are complaining about not doing enough cardio. I believe if you need to lose 60lbs or more you should start with this program to lose the initial fat and then go into the Live Fit program. This program does not include 90 days of broken down exercises for you to keep a log or journal like the Live Fit program does. She gives you one week of exercises to do for what is assumed to be repeated over the course of 90 days. The exercise plan is printable and the program comes with a nutrition guide. There is also a video that explains how the program works. I have not been able to find any reviews on this program.

TONE & DEFINE: This program is the one that I would recommend for those people who are thinking they are going to look to too much like a bodybuilder if they do the Live Fit program. This program incorporates more cardio and the nutrition is the same as Live Fit. However, the exercises aren’t as intense and the focus isn’t on building muscle but on getting stronger and lean. This program is not broken down as well as the Live Fit program , but it does come with a printable exercise plan and nutrition guide and also includes a video that explains how the program works. I have not been able to find any reviews on this program.

I love Jamie Eason and I think that her Live Fit program is definitely a winner. My next program will be P90X . I feel that Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program has prepared me to be able to handle the P90X workouts. After P90X I would like to try the Insanity workout by Shaun T. By then I should be ready to train so that I can compete in my first bikini contest right?

Keep your eyes on me!!!

Jamie Eason Live Fit – Phase 1 Week 1

Phase 1, Week 1. Camera's date is wrong! Today is Sept 10, 2012.

Phase 1, Week 1. Today is Sept 10, 2012.

Week 1


Goal Setting

In June 2012 I was 213lbs, and I was depressed. I decided to set a goal to lose 73lbs by eating 1,200 calories a day, and doing 5 miles of walking/jogging five days a week. Because I was under eating and killing myself over cardio, I lose weight but remained flabby. Desperate to lose weight and keep if off without the yo-yo effect of a low calorie diet, I sought advice on how to reach my goals effectively. I learned about bodybuilding.com from a co-worker back in August 2012, but after looking at the website knew I wouldn’t be interested. I didn’t want to look like a body builder. That look was not my goal. However when I thought about it, I couldn’t visualize my ideal body. I just wanted to lose weight!

Sometime during the month of September I got this epiphany that in order to get what I’ve never had, I have to try things I’ve never done before. I don’t know what exactly made me decide to refer back to the bodybuilding website, but I did. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was my co-worker who really helped inform me on the options the website had to offer. I saw Jamie Eason’s Live Fit plan for fat loss, and read what she had to say about losing weight, and watched her videos. I learned that Jamie Eason, like me, was a Communication major in college, and used modeling and wanting to be a spokes model for fitness as her motivation. I have always wanted to model but I never considered fitness modeling because I’ve never been fit. I definitely could use this as a motivator.

The following week I decided that I would give it a try. On Monday, September 10th, 2012 I started the 1st workout and was pissed about having to do pushups. I did a modified girl pushup and for the narrow pushups I used a wall and did those standing up.  The 1st day that I did the workout I felt it was tough but quick! However, as the day went on I became super sore. And so as the week went on, each body part that she has you work gets sore. This could have been eliminated or at least minimized if I had taken the supplements Jamie recommends. Instead I purchased over the counter supplements from my local grocer.

The first two weeks of the Live Fit plan includes a 4 day workout hitting each body part. Today is Thursday September 13, 2012 and I have finished my first week of Phase 1! The goal now is to keep it clean with my eating this weekend which for me means no alcohol or processed foods. It helps that I have planned out my weekend in My Fitness Pal so I know exactly what to eat. I also got rid of all the processed foods in my house to avoid possible cheating. I am going to enjoy resting these next few days. I purposely planned my workouts so that I am able to rest Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and I need it. I am anxious to see my results and show them off. Everyone who I tell about this program agrees that building muscle is the right way to accomplish my fitness goals.

By the way, my goal is to enter a bikini contest sometime in 2013…and win!

Epiphany Moment: In the beginning you will have to sacrifice the things you have or can have, for the accomplishments you wish to gain or the things you want.