The Perfect Workout Hairstyles

Many ladies with natural hair and relaxed hair make excuses as to why they do not workout. The main excuse is their hair! If you find yourself not knowing what to do with your hair when you go to the gym, or head to the park to go for a walk or run, you should check this out:

  • Try wearing a braided ponytail. For me this is the perfect hairstyle when I go to the gym because when I’m done working out, all I have to do is press my edges and unbraid my hair. You can even add a baseball cap to hide your edges while you work out until you get home. If you ever see me at the gym, this is how I typically wear my hair.
  • Try wearing a bun. A bun tucked away at the back or top of your hair is perfect. Again, you may have to press your edges once you’re done with your workout, but your hair will still be straight and even have a slight body wave to it.
  • If your hair is pressed silky straight, and you want to maintain your hair without sweating too much, avoid cardio. You can still achieve optimal weight loss results just lifting weights. Don’t worry about getting too bulky. You would have to eat a ton of protein, and workout three times a day to begin looking like a bodybuilder! Lift light, and do 3 sets of 20 – 30 reps.
  • Sew in weaves and braided extensions work great. I do not recommend working out in a wig. I tend to do incline bench presses, and crunches on the ball, etc…I’d hate for it to slip off at the gym. You can also do a twist out, or my favorite; a flexi-rod set. Those curls hold great while doing cardio.
  • Whatever you do, do not wrap your hair while working out. When you sweat, you sweat from the scalp. Wrapping your hair will allow your sweat to saturate all of your hair instead of just the roots! Always remember this basic concept. Oil and water don’t mix! Keep the roots of your hair oiled with an oil based oil such as castor oil, and you will preserve your pressed roots.

So now you have no excuses. Go to the gym, and get your workout on! For all the single ladies, ready to put themselves in a position to be found by that special guy; FYI: Men love women who care about their bodies, and men love real hair! You may think, “OMG, my hair looks a mess”, but that ain’t what he thinking! If you’re headed to the park, go early in the morning during the summer months. I am all about making excuses for your goal, and never against it.

(Excuse against your goal): “I want to lose weight, but I can’t workout because I sweat profusely, and it will make my hair blow up into an afro.”

(Excuse for your goal): “I am about to get a sew-in weave because I’m about to start going to the gym to workout”.


(Excuse for your goal): “I am only getting my hair pressed on special occasions until I reach my weight loss goals”.

Jamie Eason Live Fit – Phase 1 Week 1

Phase 1, Week 1. Camera's date is wrong! Today is Sept 10, 2012.

Phase 1, Week 1. Today is Sept 10, 2012.

Week 1

Goal Setting

In June 2012 I was 213lbs, and I was depressed. I decided to set a goal to lose 73lbs by eating 1,200 calories a day, and doing 5 miles of walking/jogging five days a week. Because I was under eating and killing myself over cardio, I lose weight but remained flabby. Desperate to lose weight and keep if off without the yo-yo effect of a low calorie diet, I sought advice on how to reach my goals effectively. I learned about from a co-worker back in August 2012, but after looking at the website knew I wouldn’t be interested. I didn’t want to look like a body builder. That look was not my goal. However when I thought about it, I couldn’t visualize my ideal body. I just wanted to lose weight!

Sometime during the month of September I got this epiphany that in order to get what I’ve never had, I have to try things I’ve never done before. I don’t know what exactly made me decide to refer back to the bodybuilding website, but I did. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was my co-worker who really helped inform me on the options the website had to offer. I saw Jamie Eason’s Live Fit plan for fat loss, and read what she had to say about losing weight, and watched her videos. I learned that Jamie Eason, like me, was a Communication major in college, and used modeling and wanting to be a spokes model for fitness as her motivation. I have always wanted to model but I never considered fitness modeling because I’ve never been fit. I definitely could use this as a motivator.

The following week I decided that I would give it a try. On Monday, September 10th, 2012 I started the 1st workout and was pissed about having to do pushups. I did a modified girl pushup and for the narrow pushups I used a wall and did those standing up.  The 1st day that I did the workout I felt it was tough but quick! However, as the day went on I became super sore. And so as the week went on, each body part that she has you work gets sore. This could have been eliminated or at least minimized if I had taken the supplements Jamie recommends. Instead I purchased over the counter supplements from my local grocer.

The first two weeks of the Live Fit plan includes a 4 day workout hitting each body part. Today is Thursday September 13, 2012 and I have finished my first week of Phase 1! The goal now is to keep it clean with my eating this weekend which for me means no alcohol or processed foods. It helps that I have planned out my weekend in My Fitness Pal so I know exactly what to eat. I also got rid of all the processed foods in my house to avoid possible cheating. I am going to enjoy resting these next few days. I purposely planned my workouts so that I am able to rest Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and I need it. I am anxious to see my results and show them off. Everyone who I tell about this program agrees that building muscle is the right way to accomplish my fitness goals.

By the way, my goal is to enter a bikini contest sometime in 2013…and win!

Epiphany Moment: In the beginning you will have to sacrifice the things you have or can have, for the accomplishments you wish to gain or the things you want.