Get Focused!

Your focus is the key element to getting healthy; whether spiritual, mental, or physical. The things that you focus on can either make or break your progress towards your goals. After Phase 1 of P90X, I loss focus on the goal which was not just to lose weight and get in shape, but to accomplish something that I’ve always wanted to do, but never have. I’ve always wanted to do P90X, but just never could stay focused on finishing the program. Then, about a week ago I re-gained focus on my goals to be in shape, be confident, and get healthy so that I can start a family in the future. I hit the workouts really hard this time.

Not only am I back on track with the P90X workouts; I am tracking my calories consistently too. I’m getting great results and can’t wait to post my update September 9th . I will be posting advice on how to stay within your calorie goals next week, and how to stick to the P90X workouts the next week. I know I already posted so P90X advice, but I have a few more pointers that I think can help a lot of people.

Whatever your goals are, I hope you put together a realistic goal towards reaching it, and stick with it by remaining focused on it.


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