What’s Your Goal Weight?

When I was doing Jamie Eason Live Fit, I remember taking my goal weight and multiplying it by 100 to get the number of calories that I should eat to reach my goal weight. My weight goal is 145lbs. This means that I should eat 1,450 calories a day to reach my goal weight.

So that is what I did last week. I ate 1,450 calories, without consuming any additional calories. I restarted P90X, and also changed my lifestyle. I am more active, and I successfully went all week without consuming any alcohol. All that said, I loss 3 pounds this week, and plan to continue this path for life. Of course that’s always the goal, but my focus is different. It is so uncomfortable being overweight, and it sucks not to be able to wear certain things just because they don’t look good with you body type.

As always I’ll continue to document my progress, and my methods. Next week I’ll tell you the five foods that I’ve been avoiding to drop the weight effortlessly. So, what’s your goal weight? Have you had any success tracking calories, or has it been an epic fail?

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Goal Weight?

  1. Hello Cherish,
    Myfitnesspal is my best friend! It really helps me to stay on track with my exercise and eating. I have found that when I stay within my calorie range, I experience an average weight loss of 1-3 lbs weekly. It is helpful that I have the app on my phone.

    • Your weight loss may not necessarily slow down from eating more calories. Calories is another word for energy. If you don’t use the energy/calories, it will get stored as fat. That’s why exercise and an active lifestyle is so important.

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