5 Foods to Avoid

I loss another 4lbs this week by consuming 1,450 calories a day and doing P90X, and living a more active lifestyle. Here is a list of the top 5 foods to avoid if you are serious about losing weight:

  1. Alcohol – I know this sucks for some of us, but its true. It turns into sugar once consumed. Even if you have the calories for it, its bad for you because it alters your focus. You ever wonder why after you’ve been drinking you crave fried greasy food? Alcohol is not the move if you want to lose weight.
  2. White Carbs – Bread, pasta, and rice is not good in bleached white form. It needs to be wheat or whole grain and full of fiber which acts as a natural appetite suppressant for the body. White carbs satisfy you taste buds only, but do nothing in aiding you to lose weight.
  3. Salad Dressings – Salads are an excellent food selection, but the dressings are horrible. They are usually full of sugar and other unnecessary ingredients. Stick with the following for a natural salad dressing: vinegar, homemade salsa, lime or lemon juice, or a very light vinaigrette. If those don’t seem to suit your fancy, avoid salads, and eat chicken or fish with a green veggie.
  4. Sugar – Sugar is good for you, but only when its in its natural form. Eat fruits and veggies to get your sugar or use a little Truvia or Stevia if necessary. No desserts or sweets though. You must avoid them, because they create cravings which is not conducive to us who are serious about losing weight.
  5. Dairy – Avoid dairy if at all possible. A little Feta, or blue cheese crumbles, low-fat yogurt isn’t bad, but avoid processed cheeses, and creamy toppings.

So no more extra cheese pizza and wine, or even salads with light ranch dressing. This is not a hard list of things to avoid, its just something that you have to do to lose and maintain good health. Does this list seem realistic for you? Try this for a 7 day trail and post your results below. I’m anxious to know if this has helped others like its helped me. Next week I’ll post the top 5 foods that have helped me stick to my 1,450 calories a day goal.

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