Top 5 Foods for Weight Loss

As promised, here is a list of the top 5 foods that has helped me stick to a 1,450 calorie a day plan:

  1. Plain Oatmeal – High in fiber, this meal is a winner and appetite suppressant. I mix in a teaspoon of Truvia and eat it with an apple. This meal keeps me full for hours.
  2. Non-Stick Cooking sprays – with these goods fats being zero calories because of its nature of application, it makes it the #1 weight loss product in my book. It’s a must have for me in my house. I use Olive oil and coconut oil cooking sprays to cook ALL of my food.
  3. Water – a natural ingredient to this earth and our bodies, water is definitely in the top five. It’s pretty much all I drink although I will have a Fresca or Light Lemonade once a day. I actually track my water intake in myfitnesspal as well as my food intake to ensure I am staying hydrated.
  4. Green Veggies – I stick with green veggies because they are good for blood circulation, and they help with my digestive system. Most of our weight is water weight, and built up waste in our intestines. Green veggies can help eliminate both, ultimately helping you drop the pounds…fast!
  5. White Protein – White fish, chicken, egg whites, etc… these proteins are rich and help keep me full and keep my taste buds satisfied. These proteins are only beneficial when grilled, baked, or sautéed. Frying these foods will ruin your progress towards your weight loss goals.

I hope this list helps. Next week I will give some advice to help those who hate waking up early to exercise. Feel free to post your top 5 foods that you love to eat while on your lifestyle change journey. I’d love to add a few more foods to my list.

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