Guess Who’s on Instagram?

I know right! Its 2014, why I am just now joining the Instagram community?

I was the biggest social media hater for years. Then along came a co-worker who convinced me to get on Instagram to follow make-up artist since I love watching make-up tutorials. Doing make-up is my second hobby, but we all know my first love is strengthening my spiritual, mental, and physical health. So I looked for a few on my personal favorite celeb inspirations, and began to follow them. And now; every morning that I wake up I’m on Instagram to see what they are doing #smh.

Instagram can be pointless if you follow pointless people, but I follow fitness models and people who inspire me such as: @fitnesstutorials, @rosaacosta, @mariza_villarreal, and @cassie. Yes; Cassie! That girl goes hard in the gym, and she posts videos of her workouts just like the other ladies. These ladies make my P90X workouts look like a piece of cake. So now, I’m up in the morning exercising like its nobody business. And the time I used to spend snacking, I now spend surfing Instagram #i’vebecomeoneofthose.


I used to have a photo gallery on this website, but I find Instagram to be a better place to post my photos. I like to post photos of the meals I eat, and my before and after photos of my weight loss progress, and occasional selfies. So follow me along my journey if you are on Instagram, and maybe I can inspire you with my photos as well.

If you have an Instagram or know of other fitness gurus that you think is worth me checking out, put it in the comments section below.

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