Celebrity Inspiration: Mary J. Blige

Have you seen this 42 year old beauty on the latest cover of Shape Up magazine? The R&B singer was never overweight (in my opinion), but she credits her tone to her trainer and cutting out alcohol from her diet. That’s the hardest thing for me to do quite honestly. I’d rather have a “healthy” drink like vodka and tonic, or rum and diet coke. She is looking so much better these days. I love her discipline. She really motivates me, ( a 30 year old) to get it together. Although I am doing good on my weight loss regimen, apparently, I need to step it up a bit.

I definately don’t plan to overeat this holiday. I plan to have a little of everything, and drink lots of water. I even plan to do a little exercise the day of Thanksgiving. What do you think about Mary J Blige’s new physique?

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Inspiration: Mary J. Blige

  1. She looks amazing!!!!!!! I have also committed myself to be responsible during the holiday. I will exercise everyday this week. I have opted to cook a banana pudding to eliminate the temptation for cake and pies.

    • Banana Pudding has GOT to be my FAVORITE dessert! I give in to it almost every time. I’ve been slacking the past two weeks, but today I’m getting back on track. Something about being off work, and family coming in town makes me want to just stop and enjoy life without any concern for anything, especially maintaining no diet! But I am going to workout because it makes me feel better. I stalled on P90X around week 10 (Lol). So I’m going to do Phase 3 over next week. I’ll have a post all about it next week. Enjoy your holiday lady!

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