How Kim K. Loses Pregnancy Weight

kim losing

Kim Kardashian reportedly is losing her pregnancy weight by doing the Atkins diet, although I have read from another source that she was counting calories as well. We all know about the Atkins diet right? It’s a low-carb diet that allows you to slowly introduce good carbohydrates into your diet after a two-week induction that allows only 20 net carbs a day. Net carbs are carbohydrates minus (-) fiber. Fiber is great on the Atkins diet. Good carbohydrates that are high in fiber come from: black beans, sweet potatoes, vegetables, and brown rice, pastas, and breads (in moderation).


This is very similar to the diet plan for P90X , as well as Jamie Eason Live Fit. In otherwords, whether you call it the Atkins diet, a low-carb diet, or are counting calories its all simple science. Cut out the bad carbs, and cut the calories which is the same thing as saying eat in moderation, and drink more water. On top of her low-carb/ low-cal diet, I know she is exercising because she was doing that before and during pregnancy, as well as she lives an active lifestyle.

Kudo’s Kim for losing your pregnancy weight the right way, and looking fabulous as always. You inspire me and many others to reach our personal weight loss goals and get fit. It has taken Kim five months and counting to drop over 40 pounds. I expect it will take me about 6 months to reach my goal, but a lifetime to maintain it.

I hope her photos motivate you to continue on your journey toward being healthy and fit the right way. Post comments on what you think about Kim Kardashians weight loss below.

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