Celebrity Inspirations (Beyonce Knowles-Carter)

Leaving Kanye West Birthday Party 6/8/13.

Leaving Kanye West Birthday Party 6/8/13.

 Okay, so if this picture doesn’t inspire you to get your butt in shape then I don’t know what will. I absolutely love this photo of B. Her abs look nice and tight, and need I remind you she has a two-year old child? Sure she has a personal trainer, babysitter, and everything else she deserves to have considering she puts in the work to have what she got, but she is also dedicated to her craft. Beyoncé has consistently stayed on top of staying in shape throughout the years, and for that she is my inspiration. She always motivates me to get in shape, and stay consistent with whatever works for me.

Not only does B make it a priority to stay in shape, but she puts her family and friends before it all, which she has said keeps her grounded both mentally and spiritually. This is why I now make it a priority to hang out with my friends and family more, and do something outside of staying in the house all the time. Being sociable keeps me motivated to accomplish my health goals, as well as keeps me accountable because I am always talking about ways to make healthier choices.

Being healthy is not an image, but a lifestyle and state of being. To me, Beyoncé embodies what a healthy person really, and truly is.


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