What Happened to P90X???

My 3rd week of Phase 1 was slightly interrupted by a week of celebrating my 30th birthday.

What was supposed to be a night of partying carried over into a 5 day celebration that included birthday cake, liquor and wine, meals at my favorite restaurants, and absolutely no exercising. But never the less, I am back on track and exercising with Tony Horton and the crew. I decided to just start over with the workouts instead of trying to pick up where I had left off. On Friday, June 7th I started a detox for my body which included raw unsalted nuts, fruits, veggies, and water only. Sad thing is, my body was craving those things. It was not hard to stick with at all. I did the detox for 3 days and loss 7lbs.

Today I am re-starting the workouts from Week 1. I fall into the category of Level II nutrition, but I am only going to eat 1,500 calories instead. I will be using MyFitnessPal to track my food intake, and will be following my own advice by drinking more water than I intake food. If you would like to be my pal on MyFitnessPal, you can find me by the name “Golden83”. I have also decided to cut back on the amount of animal based protein that I eat. I used to be a vegetarian, and loss weight effortlessly doing so.

I encourage you to check out my YouTube account “CherishedAdvice” for a visual of my progress. You can also continue to view my Photo Gallery for before and after pictures, as well as my Facebook page for more updates. My official Phase 1 review of my P90X transformationwill post on July 8, 2013.  

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