Papaya Seed Cleanse (Cherish’s New Smoothie)

Papaya seed smoothie

I recently went to the Farmers Market and saw whole papayas sliced down the middle and sold by the halves. I bought a whole half for $1.49. Inside the pit of the papaya were these little black seeds. I Googled papaya seeds, and found out that they help get rid of parasites in the intestines. I wasn’t sure if I had parasite in my intestines or not, but instantly my creative juices started flowing. I created this smoothie that was absolutely delicious that you must try:

1 Tbls of Papaya seeds

¼ cup of Mangos

¼ cup of Peaches

4oz of pure sugar cane water (freshly extracted)

4oz of Coconut Water (freshly extracted) *not-canned*

1 Tbls of flax seeds

1 Tbls of chia seeds

1 handful of romaine lettuce

Optional: Squirt of Lime juice


If you want a good healthy cleanse for your intestines, this will do you justice. I purchased everything from the Farmers Market except the romaine lettuce, mangos, and peaches. Those came from Wal-Mart. Next week, I will be posting a cost comparison between shopping at the local farmers market versus the local grocery store.

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