Why Weight Loss Pills Suck!!!!

ALL weight loss pills suck! They are all placebos, and nothing more than a gimmick to take money from your pockets. You are better off investing in cleaner, less processed foods than any type of weight loss pill. For those who need something to help suppress their appetite, boost energy, and put them in a better mood I have a tip for you. God has provided us with all the resources we need to have all of those things naturally. They are as follows:

  •       Drink 1 bottle of water a half hour before you have breakfast. Then 1 bottle in-between each meal or snack. Recently I was taking a fat burner/appetite suppressant that directed the user to drink 8 -10 ounces of water with the fat burner pill, 30 minutes before every meal. I thought to myself, I wonder if I just drank the water if I would get the same results without the pill. And voila, it worked! Drinking water before every meal, especially a half hour before breakfast, suppressed my appetite and gave me a burst of energy.
  •         For an extra boost of energy, you can drink a cup of black coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil, and Truvia or Stevia. Keep your caffeine intake to a limit, but the black coffee bean is the original natural diuretic. As long as it’s used properly, it will serve a great purpose for your body by giving you energy and also help suppress your appetite.
  •        To improve your mood, strengthen your relationship with God. A strong relationship with God will keep you focused on the positive things in life and improve your mood.

So there you have it! There is no such thing as a pill that will help you burn fat just by simply taking the pill. The only thing a diet pill will do is give you energy so that you will exercise, thus burning fat. If you follow the direction on the bottle of any diet pill, it will tell you to drink water, have a sensible diet, and exercise. I promise, if you do that without buying the diet pill, you will lose weight and you won’t end up with some unexplainable disease or cancer that hasn’t yet been related to diet pills.

God never intended on us to rely on laboratories to help us lose weight. Everything we need to cure ourselves can be grown and eaten whole and raw.  Enjoy life the simple way. Spend less money on weight loss  pills, and more money on whole nutritous foods because it works.

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