JE: Live Fit – Phase 2, Round 2

Phase 2, Round 2 of Live Fit (Weeks 1-4)

I am burnt out from doing Jamie Eason’s Live Fit this 2nd go-round. I stopped doing these workouts and stopped going to the gym around the end of the 5th week. I love the Live Fit program for everything that it has taught me about weight lifting and clean eating however it got monotonous Phase 2, Round 2.

I am very serious about changing my lifestyle not only to lose weight, but to keep it off. Therefore, the first thing that I am going to do is stop setting weight loss goals. I really don’t know what size or weight is a healthy size or weight for me. I want to be a natural size for my height and body structure, whatever that is. I want to be comfortable with my body and be in shape.

That being said, I am going to continue lifting weights in the gym when I can, but I am going to get active as well. I have already started by taking skating lessons, and taking 5 mile walks with my dog. I have a house, so soon I’ll be doing some yard work, and I would like to invest in a bicycle as well. Anything I can do to get active will help me get to the size my body is naturally supposed to be. Fun activities such as bicycling, rollers skating, playing a sport for fun, and taking walks, are a great way to sneak a workout in without your brain knowing it.

As far as eating goes, I have learned how to get full faster. You aren’t going to believe this but, water is the trick. I drink a lot of water now. I drink water before I eat, while I’m eating, and after I eat. A combination of clean eating and drinking lots of water and listening to your body tell you, “I’m full, stop eating”, and simply being active is a great way to lose weight. I believe by living this way I will reach my ideal weight and size in due time, and stay there!

I will continue to post pictures in the Photo Gallery area, and give advice on things you can incorporate into your lifestyle to get physically healthy.

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