What’s the Matter with You?

Are you feeling down in the pits about a situation going on in your life? Here are a few tips on ways to perk yourself up:

1.       Aroma Therapy

Find a local shop that sells incense or candles and buy one that makes you feel at peace. Burn them while you write in a journal your problems and feelings. Read over what you have written, and try to come up with a realistic solution to your problem for yourself. Remember to leave anything you can’t resolve to God, and be patient and have faith. Try not to focus on the problem, but focus on the possible solutions.

 2.       Classical Music

eBay and even the Goodwill has some great, cheap CDs that you can pop into a CD player or DVD player and listen to. Fill your house or room with these sounds while burning incense or candles and meditate. Classical music will help you relax and think logically. If you have cable, such as Comcast/Xfinity, you may already have access to music channels that have classical music, or a radio station may have a classical music station. Write a letter to God and ask Him for the things you are lacking in His son Jesus Christ name. You’ll be amazed how fast He works!

 3.       Dedicate an Entire Day to Yourself

Go to a spa and get a package deal. Or, if you’re like me and can’t afford that, do your nails and toes at home. Give yourself a facial, and/or practice doing your make-up. Try doing a new hairstyle. Watch funny movies, your favorite ones.  Exercise, read a book off my GoodReads list, do anything you want to do that is constructive. Go shopping, or adopt a pet. If you are so depressed that you have no desire to do anything but cry, then cry and go to sleep. That may sound lame, but this will give your body a chance to release pain through your tears, and give your mind a chance to rest from all the negative thinking you’ve been doing all day. Then maybe when you wake up, you’ll feel restored and want to do something else.

 4.       Volunteer

Helping people who have real problems like the homeless, battered women, abused pets, and the elderly can make you feel better, and put your problems into perspective. For that moment, life will not be about you, but about what you can do for someone else who is suffering from a problem different than yours. You’ll be amazed how much insight a homeless person, battered woman, or elderly person can give you about your problem as well.

 5.       Professional Therapist

There are some affordable therapists out there that will help you with your problems better than your family or friends can because they are trained at what they do. I’m talking $50 – $60 a session. Therapist are trained communicators, listeners, and ask all the right questions to get your brain thinking in the right direction to help you sort out your problems. A therapist doesn’t have to know much about you, they just need to know what your problem is, and they can take it from there. Our family and friends may know us very well, but they can have a tendency to tell others about our problems, which can make matters worse. You don’t need anyone gossiping about you, you need someone who is trained to help people sort out their problems.

 I hope these tips help you feel better. I know exactly what it’s like to be down in the pits about life situations. Whatever you do, don’t give up on yourself and God’s plan for your life. Life is already short.  Just have a little patience and you’ll be okay, I promise! 

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