Jamie Eason Live Fit – Phase 2, Week 2

Week 2


Fighting Frustrations

         I am starting to get a grasp on why I have been so frustrated since starting Phase 2 of the Live Fit program. I cannot perform many of the exercises with as clean of a form as I would like. As much as I would like to lift heavier and increase my strength, I just can’t do it right now without losing form. Some of the exercises I can barely do at all. For instance, those jack-knife crunches! Those have to be the worst abdominal exercises Jamie Eason could have chosen for her program. Pull-ups? I can barely do those either. Push-ups? Can’t stand them! So when I saw I had to do side-to-side pushups I was like, “What the hell?” I must stick with this program because these are the exercises that I never did prior to starting the program, and I am sure they will be preparing me for Phase 3. I can’t let the fact that I can barely do them make me quit the whole program. I have to keep trying, and do what number of reps I can. The program isn’t strict. I make it flexible according to my abilities.

                I love clean eating so that is far from my issue with this program. The problem is sometimes I hate going to the gym to workout. I really despise feeling sore all the time and limping around, and barely being able to do my hair because my arms are sore. I am always stretching too so that is not the problem. I stretch during my workout, I stretch when I stand in lines, I stretch at my desk at work, I stretch after using the bathroom, and I am still always sore. Maybe I’m just having a moment! I drink those protein shakes right after my workout which helps but it does not eliminate the soreness completely. I am fighting through being frustrated at not being able to perform some of the exercises with cleaner form. Next week I start calorie counting, and really start burning fat so I’m going to enjoy this week before the fire really gets turned up. Aside from all the frustrations, I’m now half-way through the program and I feel good about what I’ve accomplished thus far. I’ve lost an additional pound which means I’ve lost 6lbs total on the program.

Epiphany Moment: Your rest is just as much of a priority as working out, eating clean, and supplementation. I definitely notice a major difference in my performance when I am well rested. I highly recommend anyone reading this to make sleep a priority.


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