P90X – Phase 2 Update/Review

P90X Phase 2 Results

I have completed Phase 2 of P90X, and I am exteremely  proud of myself. I have loss 17lbs total since I started P90X September 9, 2013. You may already know that I use modifications to get through the workouts because the moves are tough for me. I highly recommend watching the videos prior to doing them so that you get familiar with the moves. Tony does not do a good job explaining the moves and goes pretty fast through the workouts, and the video quality/editing sucks (in my opinion); so learning as you go may frustrate you.

I did not increase my dumbbell weights (1lb – 10lbs), but I did increase the number of reps I did so that I can get lean and toned. The best DVD in this program that gets me almost instant results is Ab Ripper X and Legs and Back. Even when I’m done with this program, for maintenance, I will still do Ab Ripper X. The Core Synergistics has become more doable in Phase 2, than it was in Phase 1, but Yoga X is still tough. You have to pace yourself, and not get discouraged by the inability to keep up with those people on the DVD who are in top notch shape. Just do what you can. You can jog  in place if you feel too tired, then jump back into the workout. Either way you will get results which is what’s so amazing to me about P90X. Whether you can keep up with the DVD or only do half, you get excellent results.

Dinner idea for P90X Phase 2: Salmon with green beans and mushrooms

Dinner idea for P90X Phase 2: Salmon with green beans and mushrooms

As far as my diet, I am still sticking with 1,450 calories a day, but I have added good carbohydrates to my diet. Some days I eat more calories, depending on how I feel. In Phase 2, I added Cardio X into the mix which is called the Doubles Approach. So now I’m doing cardio five times a week and doing two workouts three days a week; Cardio X in the mornings, and strength training in the evenings. No time for leisure walks or mountain climbing like in Phase 1 unless its on the weekends. When it comes to eating, I live by a 80/20 rule: 80% of the week is spent eating extremely healthy, while maybe 20% of the time is spent eating so/so. I tend to do well Monday – Saturday, but football Sundays are rough.

Idea for a typical breakfast: Plain oatmeal (100 calories) with Truvia and an apple.

Idea for a typical breakfast: Plain oatmeal (100 calories) with Truvia and an apple.

I am super excited to be going into Phase 3 this week. I already know that one round of P90X won’t be enough for me to reach my entire goal, but that’s okay. I have a 9 month goal, so P90X will get me 1/3 of the way towards being physically fit before I start maintaining. Come back around December 4th to see my final update of P90X Round 1, before I go into P90X Round 2.

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