Mentally Prepared for Weight Loss

Are you mentally prepared to lose weight?


                Weight loss is not just physical, but more so mental. My whole life has been a weight loss struggle because I’ve failed to conquer the mental aspect of weight loss. Whenever I’ve loss weight in the past, it always started with me making up my mind to execute what I know I need to do to accomplish my goals. Shedding those unwanted pounds can be a struggle without having your mind made up that you are going to make it happen.


I don’t know about you, but for me, there are (3) things that help me get my mind right, and ready to lose weight:


1.       Have confidence at any size.


Confidence shouldn’t come when you reach a certain size or weight, it should be with you no matter what. Dress according to your size and not according to the size you want to be. Clothes always look better when they fit. If you don’t like your current size, play off of something else you like. For me it’s my hair and my face. I will focus on my confidence in those two areas until I reach my weight loss goal, while still dressing fabulous whether I’m a size 4 or 14.


 2.       Relieve yourself from stress.


Exercising not only helps you lose weight, but it relieves stress. If that doesn’t work, try eliminating those things that stress you out from your life. If it’s your job, start looking for another one, and find comfort in knowing your job is temporary. If it’s you boyfriend or girlfriend, try and workout the issues, or dump them. If its financial issues, come up with a game plan to lower your bills, and save money. Maybe you can Google map shortcuts to save on gas, or shop on sale days. Do what you have to do to remain happy and stress free.


 3.       Socialize.


Don’t stay in the house too much, or be secluded from the world. Get out and mingle, and do things that allow you to meet new people. If you can remember when you were younger and thinner, I bet you can also remember always being on the go. When you weren’t at school, you were probably practicing for a sport, and when you weren’t doing that you were hanging out with your friends. Well, now that we are all grown up things have changed. But why should that stop you from being young and thin? When you aren’t at work, you should go to the gym, park, or do a fun activity, and then afterwards go hang out with your friends, or make new ones. An active lifestyle doesn’t center itself just on exercising, but on keeping your mind pre-occupied.


I hope this helps you, as this is what helped me get back into the swing of getting in shape. Keep checking my Photo Gallery for updates on my body transformation.






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