How to Love Your Enemies

If you want to be obedient to the word of God, you will love your enemies. This can be very hard to do for most of us, so in this post I will explain five basic ways to do it:

1.       Love your enemies from a distance. Distant yourself from those people who hate and aspire to bring you harm. Although Jesus Christ loved people, he walked away from many of them when they started stirring up trouble.

2.       Love the person, hate the behavior. That’s what God does. He loves all of us, but hates what we say, think, and do sometimes. Leave an opportunity to someday get along with this person, because people change. Give them the opportunity to grow and mature, and become a better person just like God does for us.

3.       Prayer. Pray for your enemies. God is in the business of working miracles. You will be surprised how God humbles people. Even if you don’t recognize an immediate change of heart in your enemy; you may notice a change in this person 10, or 20 years from now.

4.     Evaluate whether this person is an enemy or not. Try to find other ways to relate with them. Maybe you disagree in one area, but agree in another. Find out what you agree on and never venture away from that topic. If you agree on nothing, stick with hi and bye until your prayers are answered, but never allow them the power to negatively effect your spirits. Stay a happy and loving person so that you gravitate the same type of people to you.

5.       If you are unable to distant yourself from the person, and have absolutely nothing in common with them, and have prayed but they continue to be a thorn in your eye, then understand why God is allowing your enemy to be a part of your life. God grows and matures our patience and overall character through a relationship with him and others. When God feels that you and/or your enemy has successfully achieved growth in a much needed area, he will separate you two. Continue to be a blessing to your enemy, and you will be surprised at the blessings that come your way in return.

Whatever you do, don’t sin against your enemies. Sin offers nothing more than a double whammy.  Not only will it harm the other person, it will harm you as well. Stay humble, and prayed up, and avoid bad karma. God will see you through, because his intentions is never to bring us harm, rather it is to grow us. Be patient with others and their issues, and God will be patient with you and your issues as well.

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