Cherish’s @ Home Workout!!!!

Cherished At Home Workout

Finally, I’ve come up with something that works for me and my mood!

Thanks to Jamie Eason, I have learned the important role that having lean muscle plays in: increasing my metabolism, re-shaping my body, and for maintaining my weight loss. I had not worked out in a month and a half, and was eating like a pig (clean pig) the entire time. I gained back 5lbs of the 15lbs that I loss, and I am happy because I deserved to gain at least that much. It could have, and should have been a lot worse. I realize that building all that muscle is why I did not gain back all the weight that I had originally loss. I usually gain weight back really fast, because I lose it really fast, but not this time.

So now, I am back motivated and ready to build more muscle. During that month off, I did a self-analysis to find out why I had lost my motivation.  #1 I was burned out! #2 I was sort of satisfied with my results. #3 I never felt like getting out of my warm bed to drive to the gym.

After analyzing my issues, I decided to create my own at home workout that would best suit my personality and needs. I had to invest in the following to make it happen:

·         Jump Rope

·         Dumbbells or Free weights (5lb – 20lbs)

·         35lb Kettle ball

·         Medicine Ball (8lbs)

·         Stability Ball

·         Ankle Weights (2lbs – 5lbs)

·         Floor mat

When selecting weights, I chose what works best for me to be able to do 15 reps, with the last rep being the most difficult. For a warm-up, I would do 2 minutes, or a 120 count of jump roping. After my warm-up, I would do 3 super sets, of 15 reps of 7 or more different exercises. In-between each superset, I would jump rope for 2 minutes, or a 120 count, and then rest for 2-3 minutes. I would then end the workout with 2 minutes, or a 120 count of jump roping. This would total 10 minutes of jump roping! Here are the following areas that I exercised throughout the week:

Biceps & Back (+) Abs

Triceps & Chest

Legs & Calf (+) Abs

Biceps & Back

Shoulders (+) Abs

Biceps and Back are listed twice because those are my weakest areas. I am pretty active throughout the week. I do 5 mile walks with my dog at the park if it’s not raining or too cold, and roller skate for fun.  Doing 10 minutes of jump roping is equivalent to running 1 mile, so this is great cardio! The entire workout usually takes me about 30 – 40 minutes, and it’s a great way for me to jump start or end my day. For a list of exercises that I choose from, and an example of what a typical workout looks like by week for me, please click the link to the PDF file titled “Activity Week”.

Activity Week.

For motivation, I turn on my music as loud as I wanted to, and worked out in front of the mirror. What I came up with is a great way for me to get a good workout in, without any excuses!

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