Turn Up!!!

I am not sure if I told you that I am in school taking refresher courses for my craft (writing and editing). Classes are going great, but because I am taking classes online, it requires a lot of reading. I found that if I print the lessons that I have to read, and take them to the gym with me, I can plant two flowers with one seed. I read the lessons while I am on the stair climber and it makes the time go by super-fast. Depending on the lesson, I can end up exercising for thirty minutes to an hour and burn anywhere from 300 or 600 calories without even thinking about it.

A good friend of mine who is a track coach for a local high school, and studied exercise science told me to increase the resistance so that I could continue to build muscle while doing cardio. So now I’m planting three flowers with one seed.  I’m studying, doing cardio, and building muscle all at one time. Not to mention that doing the stair climber is toning my abdominals. Try using this machine, while keeping great posture. Not only will it tone your lower body, but your stomach as well.

For those of you, who have too much to do and don’t have time to get a workout in, join the club. Everyone is busy these days. Make taking care of your body part of your daily responsibilities and learn to multi-task.

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