JE: Live Fit – Round 2, Phase 1

Cherish the authors transformation


Phase 1, Round 2 of Live Fit (Weeks 1-4)

The first two weeks I worked out, I was shocked that I was sore all over again. It was as if I had not worked out in a few months. I love feeling sore now because I understand what that feeling means. As you lift weights, you tear apart muscle fibers in your body…ouch! As the muscles repair themselves, they eat away at the fat surrounding the muscle and create newer, bigger, muscles. Knowing this makes me want to feel sore. I want that muscle to eat that fat! The workouts this round did not take as long to complete as they did during round 1.

I was able to do the exercises with better form and took shorter recovery breaks. I recommend watching the instructional videos on for each exercise the day before going to the gym. They not only show how to do the exercises with correct form, but are motivating. For weeks 3 and 4, I chose to do an extra day of shoulders and abs. I also added a 10 minute warm-up on the bike before weight lifting this time around. Jamie Eason does not mention to do this, but I added a warm-up into the mix anyway.

Nutrition for this Phase was kept clean up until the end of week 1 and latter part of week 2. I let the Holidays and home cooking get the best of me. Once I got a taste of home cooked food, I couldn’t stop eating it. But I jumped back on track Christmas day with roasted Brussel sprouts, quinoa, and baked chicken for dinner. One thing I found myself doing this round was counting calories less and less. Towards the end of Phase 1, I started counting my calories to stay on top of my intake. I am still learning portion control.  

After having indulged in foods prepared with saturated fats, sugar, and sodium for the holidays, I decided to do a detox January 1, 2013. During weeks 3 and part of week 4 I followed a smoothie detox plan for ten days to allow my body to focus on digesting foods that may have trouble being eliminated. To see what the detox consisted of, click here and choose the category Clean Eating Tips. You will see a post titled “Happy New Year! Are You Ready to Detox?” There you will find a link to my new YouTube channel and see what I experienced during that whole process.

My supplementation during this phase included the following: Hemp Protein shakes, prenatal pill, DHA pill, CLA, BCAA’s, Vitamin D, and a probiotic. These supplements were taken as directed on the bottles. I purchased my supplements from Wal-Mart, Kroger, eBay, and my local Health Food store.

Although I finished Round 1 at 188lbs; I started Round 2 at 189lbs. Before I started the detox during week 3 I was 193lbs. Now, I am back down to 189lbs. In Phase 2, I will start shedding fat by adding cardio into the mix. This round of LiveFit I plan to change some things around and really work this program. I will check back in with you at the end of Phase 2 with the results.  

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