The Power of Hydration

Drop Falling into Water

The best way to bring forth your inner beauty is to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated will help your skin stay clear, will keep your hair moisturized from the inside out, and will grow your nails naturally. Most people may not know that staying properly hydrated every day helps your digestive system get rid of toxic waste that can cause skin irregularities, and bad hygiene. Hydration through the following is a must for an efficient way of beautifying oneself from the inside out:

Distilled Water

Plain old H2O! Not just any type of water will do. Water free of chemicals is the absolute, hands down, best way to stay hydrated. Most of you would say “Duh!” to that, yet most of you probably don’t drink the amount of water that you need to stay properly hydrated. You are supposed to drink half your body weight in water daily. Although this is the most common way, there are other ways to get it past your lips, and I’m not talking about adding Crystal Light to it. I am talking about ice! I love to snack on crushed ice. Try it the next time a glass of water sounds too boring. If you are trying to save money, boil some tap water and refill your water jug. It’s the oldest, conventional form of distilled water! Also, I went to a spa and they had cucumber water. The taste was very refreshing and hydrating. I now add cucumber to gallons of water when I want to give it some flavor without adding calories or chemical sweeteners.

High Water Concentrated Foods

Foods that have high water content can further keep you hydrated and most importantly keep you full! Foods that are water concentrated are: lettuce, spinach, melons, grapes, oranges, grapefruits, kiwis, peaches, plums, celery, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Don’t be scared by the sugar content of these foods. It is a natural sugar that the body can burn easily. Just sitting outside laughing and sweating on a hot summer day is enough to burn these complex sugars.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is the most amazing thing on planet earth in my world! I buy mine by the half-gallon at my local Farmers Market for $8.99. I watch the guy cut the top of a young coconut and pour the juice out of it straight into the jug. No added water or anything, just pure coconut water! Don’t let the price scare you. Splurge a little. For what you would pay for a clarifying facial, you could be buying this water, and satisfying your cravings! This water naturally satisfies your sense of hunger by replenishing your body with natural minerals.  Coconut Water gives you an instant sense of hydration, better than any sports drink can such as Gatorade or Vitamin Water. Drink coconut water on a daily basis, and your skin and body will thank you for it!

Alkaline Water

Balancing the PH’s in your body is essential to maintaining hydration. It’s been said the drinking alkaline water slows the aging process, and promotes normal blood flow. Understand that the water from your faucet is treated to meet EPA standards and in that process decreases the PH levels in the water. Water becomes alkaline when its PH levels are greater than 7. I found alkaline water at my local health food store by a company called Eternal. I spent $1.99 on a 48oz bottle because I wanted to try it. However, ordering a glass of water, with lemon can help alkalize the water in your glass because lemons are a natural alkaline fruit. Another way to add alkaline to your water is by adding baking soda. Add about 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda to 8oz of water and drop a lemon wedge in there. I tend to do this when the thought of drinking regular distilled water gets boring!

 Aloe Vera Water

When consumed, Aloe Vera water acts as a natural digestive aid. Pure Aloe Vera water can help get rid of toxins in the intestinal walls which can cause skin problems. This water is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids and just like coconut water, can act as a natural sports drink by replacing electrolytes lost through exercising and giving you a burst of energy. Aloe Vera water helps promote healthy skin by repairing the collagen in the skin. It has Vitamins A, C, and E which are antioxidant vitamins, and neutralizes free radicals.  It’s also a great way to hydrate your hair from the inside out because it has folic acid in it. Hydrated hair is a great way to retain the length of your hair. Aloe Vera water can also be used to cleanse the face using a cotton swap. This will leave the skin fresh and supple, and will balance the oils in your skin.



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