Tips on Staying Motivated

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       The hardest part about making lifestyle changes is staying motivated once your about a month or so into it.  Sure its easy for some of us to get going once your fed up with your body and the way you look, and have decided to seriously do something about it. But what about those moments when you feel like slacking off. Here are a few things that I do to stay motivated throughout my journey to being physically fit and healthy:

1.       Listening to celebrity schedules. These people are super busy, yet they can find time to workout. When I hear of a person waking up at 4am to start their day because they have a busy schedule, yet still manage to get a workout in, it motivates me. I know that if I plan to be a successful writer, or fitness model that I will someday have a hectic schedule just like that. I started working out in the mornings, to have more time during the day to get other things done. Working out in the mornings allows me to start my day accomplished and sleep well at night.

2.       Fitness magazines, music, music videos, YouTube, and some movies are inspirational. I look at Oxygen magazine because they feature women who look awesome and train hard. They make me want to hit the gym and pull my act together. They also have great recipes. When I workout I listen music that keeps me pumped up. Most of the time I imagine my favorite artist is singing about me! Sometimes music videos feature girls with great bodies. This motivates me to want to hit the gym and get my act together, as well as do some movies with hot actors. YouTube is my favorite because I love transformation videos and they have a ton of them. I love seeing people transform their bodies from obese, to a beast. It makes me feel if they can do it, I can do it!

3.       A friend of mine taught me a “get up and go” trick a while back that I use for various things. The get up and go trick is where you literally hop up really fast and get going, because without doing so you’ll never get going! So let’s say I’m sitting on the couch, watching a music video and although I’m inspired, I just can’t seem to get off the couch and go to the gym. Well, I would literally hop up off the couch and rush and hurry to get dress for the gym, grab my bottle water and keys and leave! I time it to see how long it takes me too and make a game out of it. It’s a mental thing, but it works for me. I usually feel better once I get to the gym because the gym motivates me.

4.       Take a picture of yourself with our phone. Whichever body part stands out as the worst to you, work on that body part at the gym. That always works for me.

5.       Daydream about your dream body while you are working out. This always works for me and keeps me pushing through a workout when I feel spent.

6.       Talk yourself into going to the gym. You may feel crazy talking to yourself, but it works. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you have to go to the gym. How else are you to expect to reach your dream body without going to the gym? Eating clean will get you to a healthy weight, but you need muscle to build the shape that you’ve always dreamed of having. You also may not be eating as clean as you should, and the gym will help you burn those extra calories. Remind yourself of how good you will feel when you leave the gym, and promise yourself it won’t take long. I do this more than you think.

7.       Keep a workout diary. For me, this website has become my diary. A workout diary will keep you accountable for how you feel and what you are thinking. For example, there were plenty of times that I wanted to give up during Jamie Eason Live Fit. But once I read what I was feeling and thinking, I realized I was tripping! I needed to tie up my shoes and get going.

8.       Go shopping for workout clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident, and don’t hinder your workout. When you look good in your workout clothes you feel good.

9.       Take an iPod or a tablet with you while you exercise on the elliptical. Stream from your tablet or IPod and catch up on one of your favorite shows while you’re doing cardio. The other night I caught up on some reading and took a book with me while I finished some cardio on the elliptical. You’ll be surprised how fast time goes.

10.   Be organized and ready to go. I workout in the mornings so this is imperative for me. I must hang out my clothes and shoes for work, as well as workout clothes the day before. I take supplements so having them ready to go by dosage and pop into my mouth saves me a few extra minutes. I pack my lunch at night and even prepare some of my breakfast. For example, I will pour cereal in a bowl and cover with a napkin so all I have to do is pour in the milk in the morning. If I am having an omelet, I’ll have the veggies and meat already chopped and ready to drop in the skillet.  Before going to bed I make sure my alarm is set so that I can wake up on time. I make sure I have gas in my car on my way going home from work so that won’t hinder me in the morning. I do everything I can to keep myself from fumbling in the morning and wasting too much time preparing to leave the house. This allows me more time to workout in the mornings and incase I’m rushing, I have everything already organized, ready to go.  Preparing for a workout the day before gets you mentally prepared to make it happen the next day.

I hope this list helps you get off your butt and out the door!!! There is nothing to it but to do it. Think about why you get up to go to work, or why you make time for that cute person who asked you out on a date, or who accepted your invitation to go out on a date. Make your body and fitness goals just as important and squeeze a good workout in. Make it happen!

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