Jamie Eason Live Fit – Phase 2, Week 3

Week 3


Re-Focusing My Goals

               The Live Fit program is awesome, and is always challenging me. This week we have upped the ante again by increasing the number of sets, sticking to a calorie range based on the workout and my goal weight, and I am increasing the weight that I am lifting. Since my caloric intake is based on my goal weight, I am only weighing myself weekly just to see what the scale says. However I’m not discouraged if I only lose 1lb or so because that’s 1lb that I will never gain back.

I am starting to appreciate the inches loss over the weight loss. I am noticing that I look smaller, and that my clothes are fitting me better, while the scale is only creeping slowly down toward my goal. I am starting to think that I will probably reach my aesthetic goal before my weight/scale goal. So my focus is not on the scale so much, even though deep down inside I am hoping to lose more weight soon.

I have re-focused my goals. Up to this point my goal has been to get down to 140lbs, and enter a bikini contest sometime next year. The Live Fit program has really helped improved my overall strength and endurance. I am able to perform single leg squats with better form, and jack-knife crunches slightly better. Now that I am more than half way through the program, I am definitely looking ahead, and ready to take my journey to the next level.

After I finish the Live Fit program, I am going to do P90X. So my new goals are to complete the Live Fit program, and then move right into P90X. After the P90X program my goal is to do another fitness program. By the time I complete my goals, I should be ready to get a personal trainer, and start getting ready for my bikini contest. I am not setting any limitations on myself.


Epiphany Moment: While sitting in Atlanta traffic I had this epiphany. Many people never reach their goals in life because they set too many limitations on themselves. No matter your dream, no matter how big, visualize yourself doing whatever it is you want to do. Then pray about it. Then research the necessary steps you need to take to accomplish your goal. After you’ve done your homework, get moving towards your dream. Do whatever you have to do to make it happen, and make excuses on behalf of your goal and never against it. Understand that it won’t be easy because there are people around you that don’t want to see you happy. You will have to push through negativity, and convince yourself that you are a champion. Recognize that each accomplishment you’ve made towards your goal is a sign that your dream really is your destiny. Make sure to let no person or circumstance convince you otherwise. Be tough, be confident, and set no limits.