Cherish Observes Dr. King’s Legacy

dr. Martin Luther King, dates of death observed and respected

Dr. Martin Luther King was a minister who was led by a passion to speak up for human rights for all man-kind, not just one particular race or culture of people. Dr. King is a great example of the power of life existing in the tongue. He stated he had a dream that one day people of all races and colors would come together, worship together, and live together in harmony with one another. The other day, here in Atlanta, GA where Dr. King was born, I saw one man helping another push his car out of the road in the rain. Both were of opposite races. What a dream come true!

Dr. King is the epitome of a man led by God. His talent was in his charismatic ability to educate and speak publicly. God allowed Dr. King to experience horrible mistreatment, but it was because God wanted to use his passion as His voice to speak out against the error of the hatred’s ways. Dr. King used his talent to fuel his passion for his mission, which is exactly what the Lord asks of us according to the Bible. He also spread the good news about Jesus Christ to the masses and encouraged non-violence.

The Bible tells us that if someone slaps you in the face to turn your cheek and let them slap the other side. Many of us were not raised that way in America. We were taught, “If someone hits you, you hit them back!” Dr. King did not let the thoughts and opinions of others discourage him from doing what the Lord instructed us to do. He never retaliated, and discouraged retaliation from those around him against those who were violent towards him. He went and spoke in places that were dangerous and never let the fear of death threats prevent him from doing God’s work. What a man of God to be able to overcome and submit to such hatred.

It is no surprise that rumors of Dr. King’s sexual orientation or his earlier years being imperfect are surfacing in the 21st century. Even Jesus Christ character was attacked by rumors that he slept with Lady Magdalene and that he was not born from a virgin. As a matter of fact, those rumors further solidified my conclusion about Dr. King.

Dr. King was a prophet, who will forever go down as a prophet of our generation. He was assassinated out of hatred by someone who disagreed with his movement towards freedom of human rights. Although his birthday was January 15th, on this day, January 21, 2013, please remember that Dr. King’s movement was not liberation for just black people. The color of a man’s skin is irrelevant which is why the Bible mentions the hue of Jesus skin color once! The purpose of Dr. King’s movement was to help all mankind discover love for one another as human beings, and to establish equality, and condemn superiority.

I am a proud Christian American who is proud to say that I live in Atlanta, GA, home of the prophet, Dr. Martin Luther King, a prophet of our generation. May his story forever go down as an inspiration for all who seek righteousness with the Lord, and may his dream live on forever.

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