Cosmetic Surgery


Whether or not one should get cosmetic surgery is an extremely serious decision to make, especially when it involves a scalpel and anesthesia. The main issue I have with procedures such as tummy tucks, and liposuction is that not only is it major surgery, but it is a long and painful recovery process. Before I decided to change my lifestyle to get in shape, I contemplated getting a tummy tuck. But when the doctor told me I would not see the final results until 2-3 months after the surgery, I decided I could go to the gym and stop eating so much. In about 2-3 months I would see results without the scars, downtime, or expenses.

My other issue with cosmetic surgery is that it disproportions your figure unless you get a total body make-over. Personally, I have considered liposuction, but then what about my arms? What about legs? With all the money I would spend to get all of those areas nipped and tucked, I could spend a fraction of it on good clean food and a gym membership and avoid any risks involved with having surgery.

Personally, I believe that if you have self-esteem issues, and would like to change something about yourself that bothers you and makes you insecure, then by all means change it. Its your life, and your body, and no one will understand how a cosmetic issue is truly effecting you mentally. But please do your research. Have a consultation, and let the doctor give you recommendations and listen to them. Google the doctor before you go to your consultation and read reviews on the web about the MD. You will want to research whether there are any cases of malpractice, make sure that they are board certified, and see if anyone has posted a review about a procedure gone bad. Do this before the consultation, especially if there is a fee involved. Discuss all of your cosmetic issues during the consultation, and be honest about your expectations.

I recommend going to doctors to have your procedure done, and not spas or medical clinics who generally advertise cheap low prices. Let a cosmetic board certified surgeon handle your procedure. Even if it is a non-invasive injection such as Botox, Juvederm, or Restlayne, go to a dermatologist doctor for these types of procedures. Most spas and medical clinics feature nurses and certified injectors who can take a class in a weekend to learn how to inject the solution, but will have no clue about the anatomy of the face or body. They will not understand how one muscle in the face can affect another muscle and can possibly have you walking around looking worse than before. This is because they do not have as thorough of an understanding of the anatomy of the face because they have not studied and practiced as long as a real surgeon. Be willing to pay top dollar for your procedure or wait until you can afford to go to the doctor you like.  Do not compromise safety for the cheapest doctor in town. We all know you get what you pay for.

Although I recommend going to the gym, and pumping some iron to lift and tuck your body, kudos to those of you who are willing risk going under the knife for it. I judge no one who makes the decision to get cosmetic surgery. That is their own personal choice. Of course if you choose to result to surgery to achieve your cosmetic goals, you will ultimately have to eat clean and exercise to maintain your cosmetic surgery results! {smirkish grin}

2 thoughts on “Cosmetic Surgery

  1. A very informative article. Thanks for sharing your experience with fellow readers. Patients who have a Liposuction surgery need to watch their diet and weight gain post surgery. Exercising and a balanced diet is a must. Out of the different kinds of Liposuction available, Super-wet liposuction- is the preferred technique for high-volume liposuction by many plastic surgeons.

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