Best Advice I Ever Received!

The best advice I have ever received about weight loss came from my 5-year-old cousin Leslie. I bought her some McDonald’s, but she ate only half of her cheeseburger and some of her fries.  She drank all of her juice, and even asked for more juice. She talked to me the whole time she was eating, barely concentrating on finishing her food. I said, “Leslie, turn around and eat your food.” She said, “Okay, but can I have some more juice?” I told her after she ate some more of her food she could have some juice. She took one more bite of her burger, and said, “Can I watch the Baby Bratz movie now?” I said, “…but you haven’t eaten all of your food yet! I thought you were hungry?” What she said next blew me away.

She said, “I will, but first I have to let my food digest. If I’m still hungry, I will finish my food, but later.” I had nothing to say. She was right. So I put away her food, and put on Baby Bratz.

Children are naturally smart. Without studying health or taking physical education classes, she knows this stuff simply because she listens to her body. Kids take their time when they eat. They drink a lot of liquids, are active, and stress about nothing. They never get bored and want to eat, they get bored and want to do something. Maybe we adults should do the same if we want to look like we did in high school!

Let’s all take the time to thank children like Leslie for reminding us how simple weight loss/ maintenance could be.

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