Life at Thirty

I am officially thirty years old people! My journey through life up until this point has been like a rollercoaster ride. It’s been filled with thrills, excitement, and at moments was scary, but before you know it the ride is over and all you can remember is how much fun you had.

I look back in hindsight on how God got me to this point in my life, and I get embarrassed for having doubted that he would provide me with my hearts desires. I have accomplished at thirty, what most people said I would never be able to accomplish (at least not before I was thirty). I went to college (Wright State University) and graduated in 4 years, something everyone told me was an American dream to do. I traveled the world on my own dime, something people said I wouldn’t be able to do until I was retired. And I bought my first house at 28 years old; something people told me would be too much responsibility for me to handle at that age. It’s amazing how God used me to prove to people that the only set-backs in life are the ones we create in our minds.

I didn’t just speak faith; I acted upon it. There were times when I wasn’t 100% for sure if I was making the right decisions. But I trusted that if it wasn’t what God wanted for my life, he wouldn’t let it come to pass.

I am officially thirty years old, which means that I am finally starting to understand what my parents, and other influential adults have been telling me my whole life. The main things I have been taught has been to make wise decisions, learn from the bad decisions to avoid repeating them, and be patient. But the one thing that I feel God has been trying to get me to understand in addition to that is how to make happiness a state of being. Happiness is achieved when we are: self-aware, self-assured, and have good self-esteem. In other words, happiness starts with self.

Right now is the youngest we will ever be. Cherish the moments spent with your friends and family, and be good to strangers and love your enemies. Regardless of what adversities are presented, you have the power to dismiss them as mere non-sense unworthy of your time, or energy. Jesus Christ walked away from many people on this earth that was evil, and so should you.

Life is nothing more than a compilation of memories that we’ve created. Each moment you live, is an opportunity to create happy memories, thus creating a happy life. Eliminate those things that make you unhappy, and start doing those things that make you happy, and enjoy the rollercoaster ride of life.



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