Low-Carb Diet’s (The Clean Way)


On April 22, 2013 I decided to decrease my carbohydrates while still maintaining a lifestyle of eating clean. I have read many articles on how celebrities lose weight and almost all of them do a low-carbohydrate diet of clean foods, and exercise. When celebrities have to lose weight for a movie or tour, they cut down on the bread and pasta, sugar, processed foods, and alcohol and start weight training and doing cardio.  My favorite celeb weight-loss story was Tia Mowry from the hit show Sister, Sister. She convinced me (in the article) to test this style of dieting to lose weight after she had her baby. Lately I’ve been addicted to these homemade muffins I found at my local farmers market. Although they are made with clean ingredients, they are still sticking to my hips! I am very active, so I believe I just need to minimize the amount of carbohydrates I get from whole grains and wheat foods.

My meals really won’t change very much from what I’m used to eating. For example: for breakfast I’ll have a spinach and mushroom egg white omelet and turkey sausage or smoked salmon, but no toast or Ezekiel 4:9 English muffins; for lunch I’ll have a large salad with meat, but no croutons or fresh baked rolls, and for dinner I’ll have fish or shrimp with veggies but no potatoes or brown rice just yet. For a snack I’ll have raw veggies with my homemade ranch dip, or sugar-free jello. My mother came to visit me, and bought me a BBQ grill, so I’ll be grilling all of my meats and some veggies for a while. Basically I will be replacing pasta, rice, and bread with green veggies.

A low-carb diet while eating clean will be the game plan for at least the next three months, along with increased cardio and muscle training. On the days that I train my muscles, I will be eating Ezekiel Toast prior to my workout to give me some energy, along with a hemp protein shake. Three days a week I will train my muscles, and five days a week I will do cardio. If you click here, you will get an idea of the type of workout I will be doing for the next twelve weeks. Remember to check my photo gallery for updated before and after photos. 

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