A Healthier State of Being

Over the next couple of months I will be posting recipes while I focus on improving my writing skills, and writing a couple of books. I am currently in the process of finishing up the first book, but I am working on a second one as well. What are the books about?


  • The first book is about how to create an overall healthier you. The name of the book is still untitled, but I’m leaning towards A Healthier Being. This book will be divided into three parts: Spiritual Health, Mental Health, and Physical Health. Our being is made up of a spirit, mind, and body, and all three should be healthy, not just one of these areas alone. I believe my book will help people who struggle with the issues I struggled with overcome their issues.


  • The second book is a follow-up to the first book, and is more personal to my life. In the first book, A Healthier Being, I make mention to some personal experiences I had without going into much detail about it. In this book, Escape from the Trap, I am sacrificing my pride and reputation by exposing some of the experiences I have had in life. I believe that this book will help change the lives of people who are trapped by living a lifestyle of fast money, or save those who are considering making some fast money without fully being aware, or having a clear perspective on the consequences that come along with that lifestyle.


Writing a book is a process. Please be patient with www.cherishedadvice.com, as I continue along my journey to serve my God given purpose, while maintaining the true essence of my website. The recipes that will be posted on a weekly basis are great alternatives to eating foods filled with additives and preservatives that destroy the mind and body. I hope you enjoy.


With Love, Cherish