Live Fit: Overview of the Program

 Full body photo of Jamie Eason, fitness model in red shorts and grey sports bra and photos of people who received great results from doing her program for 12 weeks.

When I looked up reviews for Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Program, I did not see anyone who looked like me. Most of the people were not overweight or out of shape in my opinion. Most of the people looked like all they needed to lose was 10lbs, if that. I wanted to do a review on how the program would affect someone who was never athletic, is considered obese, and has always done cardio and a low-calorie diet to lose weight until now. Prior to starting the Jamie Eason Live Fit I lose 13lbs in 2 months by eating 1,200 calories a day and jogging 5 days a week. One day, I cheated and went over my calories and gained 2lbs! Being fed up with yo-yo dieting, I decided to make a lifestyle change.  I challenged myself to find a program that I could stick with without expecting overnight success. I started the Jamie Eason Live Fit 12 Week trainer at 201lbs on September 10, 2012. I began doing research on clean eating and began to take supplements that would help aid in my weight loss achievements.  This program helped me to gain strength, knowledge, and confidence.  It was not easy, but it was also nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be.

I set a goal for myself and visualized my results, and set out to reach my goal with no excuses. I really worked this program and modified some of the exercises to my abilities. The Jamie Eason Live Fit trainer is divided into 3 Phases. Each Phase last 4 weeks and gets progressively more challenging than the previous phase. The program is designed for you to create a journal by printing the nutrition guide and workout plans and most importantly reading what she tells you to do. Watching the videos was a tremendous help. My workout journal allowed me to see what my strengths and weaknesses were. I took my journal with me to the gym every day and filled it out completely in-between sets. I recommend using My Fitness Pal or any other calorie counting site that will allow you to journal your meals and keep track of your calories as well as give advice and support.

I loved the nutrition part of this program. I didn’t have to eliminate fruits, carbs, or anything that I like to eat, I just modified them. The Live Fit program was so not a waste of time, and I learned the science behind weight loss. I never went hungry on this program. Jamie Eason gives only an introduction to clean eating. I recommend doing further research on clean eating as you go along with the program. I honestly believe that if you don’t do anything else, if you decide not to do the Jamie Eason Exercise Plan, that you please listen to what she has to say on Nutrition. Especially watch the video she has on Grocery Shopping and the video about Abs. Also, print the recipes and use them. They helped a lot.

Click here to view the Jamie Eason Live Fit Program on If you can, buy the supplement stack that she recommends, or find the equivalent at Wal-Mart or CVS. Any multi-vitamin, DHA pill, protein supplementation,  CLA, and vitamin D supplement  will do. If you haven’t already, join a gym. The gym doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. All you need are the free weights and a few machines. Hit up your local farmers market and print out the recipes and start journaling your journey.  You will be on your way to a whole new you!



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