Jamie Eason Live Fit – Phase 3, Week 4 (The Finale)

Final Photo

Final Photo

Week 4


Live Fit (My Conclusion)

 This week, the workouts were a repeat of last week. I did not finish my last workout until Monday because I took 2 rest days this week. Again, this program is flexible and for me was a guide as to what I need to do when I go to the gym. Overall, this program was phenomenal and taught me how to tone and build muscle, which is necessary for keeping weight off and speeding up the metabolism. The workout plan gave a great outline that even the most novice of weight lifters could attempt. The nutrition plan gave me a great introduction to clean eating which is the most important part of any weight loss program. I found Jamie’s recipes to be delicious and affordable. I enjoyed watching her videos throughout the program. I found them to be motivational and informative. I believe anyone who wants to drop inches and lose a few pounds can benefit from this program. Although I have changed my life by starting my weight loss journey with this program, I can see why this program may not be for everyone.

 Live Fit is not for people who would like to lose more than 20 lbs. If you want to lose weight faster, then I would recommend the Jamie Eason’s Fat Loss plan. Live Fit is for people who want to tone their bodies while losing inches, but not necessarily pounds. That means, you can drop about 4 dress sizes doing this program, but may only lose 0 – 2 pounds a week during this program. I say zero because not every week I lose weight. I would also not recommend this program to people who do not feel comfortable working out in the gym. I recommend making friends by speaking to people if you find them looking at you while you’re working out. I found most people who were looking at me while I worked out found my workouts to be inspiring.

Most people thought that I was a personal trainer because of how dedicated I was in the gym and the workouts that Jamie Eason has you doing are exercises a trainer would have you doing. I definitely recommend that you watch the videos on how to perform the exercises on bodybuilding.com. Many people will need to do this program with a personal trainer to keep them motivated, and show them proper form but again, I recommend making friends with people in the gym. I also recommend restructuring the workouts because many gyms do not have a layout that will allow you to easily perform the supersets back to back. You will build muscle on this program and may find yourself looking muscular in the beginning. Keep going with the program and don’t deviate from it. You will lean out during Phase 2 and Phase 3.

 Thanks to this program I really have changed my life. I loss 13lbs during Live Fit. I now weigh 188lbs. I went from a borderline size 18 to a tight size 12 in juniors, and a loose size 14 in women’s.  Not once did I feel starved or deprived. I have gained strength and built confidence in myself. My journey does not end here. Live Fit was a preparation program for the rest of my weight loss journey. I would most definitely do this program again in the future. From here I am going into Tony Horton’s P90X workout. Follow me into the next Phase towards my journey to physical fitness and a bikini body.

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